terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

O propósito do Aikido

«The first thing that struck me about what Saotome Sensei discussed with us was that merely doing Aikido wasn't enough, that the trans-formative aspect of the art was not inherent in the doing of the art but rather one needed to do the art in a manner that was trans-formative. Sensei talked about how people are apt to simply incorporate all of the fears, insecurities, and aggression into their practice. Their Aikido is based on a defensive mindset and the hope is that, if one could simply achieve the kind of power that would allow one to defeat any enemy, that would allow one to be "safe" in this dangerous world.

Sensei stressed that this is not the Aikido of transformation. This is the Aikido of destruction. This is what he calls the "dark side" of the art. It's not that it doesn't exist. It's not even that one doesn't study this aspect of the art. It's simply that focus on this side of the art misses the whole point of why the Founder created the art in the first place. I think that the Founder meant for our practice to transform this isolated, paranoid, fearful mindset, which virtually produces the very threats that it is so afraid of. The dislocated vision of reality that incorporates threats, enemies, looks at every aspect of life as some sort of win lose contest is simply an illusion. Our actions cause suffering precisely because they are based on the false idea that we are not integrally connected to each other.»

Por George S. Ledyard.

Uma visão muito equilibrada sobre os «propósitos» do Aikido e sobre aquilo que a arte nos pode oferecer quando praticada sob condições «ideais».

O texto completo pode ser lido aqui. Vale a pena lê-lo na íntegra!, aikidocas.

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AikiNada disse...

Eu diria que, não só vale a pena ler o documento na íntegra, como vale a pena meditar sinceramente e seriamente sobre o que lá está escrito, todos os dias.
Abraços e obrigado por me dar a conhcer sobre este texto :)

André disse...

Nem mais, AikiNada, nem mais!