domingo, 30 de maio de 2010

O Budo III

"What should we do to go beyond confrontation, what sort of method should we utilize? This is what must be sought in this century. You will know when you get older. For example, suppose a person is sick, is suffering from some kind of illness. Is it good for that person to fight against this illness, or is it better to coexist with it, to increase the body's natural healing ability by keeping peace of mind? This is the same in martial arts, because in this state of mind, the mind is always free. It is not bound at all, not occupied by things."

"Ueshiba sensei said that you must love your opponent. This is because the foundation of space is love. Without love, nothing material could ever be created - not so much as an atomic particle could be combined. (...) So this ability, or capability, should not be abused for enmity or the destruction of the world. Japanese martial arts originated on the battlefield, under the idea of kill or be killed. But through true training, you will attain a peaceful mind and understand budo is not a tool to be used for such things. When you understand the rules given from space, you understand that these excellent rules should not be used for devastation or violence. We have to transcend that. The people who discovered this had practiced martial arts from childhood, had trained at shrines or deep in the mountains. They found a new way. Ueshiba sensei was the same. He is the founder of a martial art, not a sport."

Excertos do testemunho do sensei Hiroshi Tada, mestre de Aikido. Retirado de The Warrior's Path: Wisdom from Contemporary Martial Arts Masters.

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